Welcome to Just Penthouses

Why have an apartment when you can have a penthouse? Just Penthouses was established to satisfy the demand for clients who specifically want the lock-up & go benefits of a secure apartment, but also require something a bit more special… a penthouse. A penthouse apartment will typically have better views, more terracing for sunbathing and very often can have the very real advantage of having a plunge pool or even a small swimming pool.

Drawn from real estate agencies throughout the Marbella & Puerto Banus region, we have put together an exhaustive list of penthouses throughout the area. Whether you are looking for a super-exclusive 5’000’000 € penthouse on the beach, or with a budget of 500’000 €, JustPenthouses.com will have a selection of suitable properties for you to consider. We concentrate predominantly in the Marbella & Puerto Banus area, but our selection of Penthouses is drawn from as far as Estapona to Elviria. 

No longer do you need to phone real estate agent after real estate agent, we have done all that work for you and bundled it all into one tidy website. And no longer will you need to make multiple appointments to meet multiple agents, we can show you them all. Just have a look through our penthouse selection and compare & choose… we will do the rest.